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July 16, 2011

I kept meaning to come back to update my blog, but never quite got around to it and then today I started browsing some random blogs and it made me realise how much I missed blogging. So I searched for my blog (having completely forgotten the title & my log in details – amazingly I somehow managed to remember my password) & was shocked to find my last blog was in September 2009! 22 months – that’s crazy! I thought it had been maybe a year at most…

Looking back over the past 22 months a lot has happened. I had 2 operations, which I’m now fully recovered from. I got a new job, which I really hate, but it has paid for a volunteering trip to Zimbabwe, a holiday to Florida, a writing course, a horse whispering course and two little kittens, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much. In fact, the awfulness of working there has been entirely worth it just for getting to do this:

I’ll write more blogs in the future about my travels, courses and 2 remarkably annoying, but infinitely cute kittens &, of course, my writing, but, speak of the devil, it’s time for my daily writing session.

Happy travels!


Ever closer

September 12, 2009

Friday’s Words: 253

Today’s Words: 2,555

New Total: 22,218

Over 20k! Weeee!!! *does a little dance of celebration* I’m at the point of no return for my MC and I’ve left her heading out into a danger mostly of her own making, although she has other thoughts on the matter! I think I’m about 5-10k from the end, or maybe nearer, but I have skipped quite a large chunk of the middle of the story, which will most likely be another 5-10k as well. Naughty of me I know, but this section was calling to me today and I couldn’t resist. It’s also helped me to figure out the previous section, which was quite fuzzy to say the least, so it can’t have been all bad. 🙂

I think the total will probably be nearer to 40k than 4, but I wont update the target word count until I’m a bit nearer to the end.

I’m very excited about payday being just around the corner as I’m going to be signing up for Holly Lisle’s How to Think Sideways  course and using what I learn to work on my next novel. I can’t wait to get started!

Word Count:         

Slowing down, but not stopping!

September 10, 2009

Only 361 words today. Not great, but still better than 0!

Total is 19,410. Maybe 20k tomorrow. 😀

Sleepy, sleepy thanks to kitty, but hopefully a more detailed update tomorrow.

Happy writing everyone! 🙂

Word Count:         

Tricky middle

September 9, 2009

The pesky middle has still be causing me trouble, but I have made some progress:


Monday: 621

Tuesday: 391

Today: 521

New Total: 19,049

Heading to 20k 😀 I’ve never got this far with a story before – I’m very excited and am giving myself a little pat on the back.

I could have gone on longer today, but the end of lunchtime came around far too soon. Hopefully I’ll pick up the thread tomorrow and keep on going. 🙂 I just got to the start of a good scene and am looking forward to getting stuck back into it.

Word Count:         

Planning Ideas

September 4, 2009

As I said yesterday I’m looking for a new planning method to try and avoid getting lost in the middle again.

I’d been thinking about joining Holly Lisle’s How to Think Sideways course. I’ve used some of her free courses before and always with great results so I headed over to the website to find out a bit more. I’ve always been a bit wary that planning might take the fun and spontaneity out of writing and don’t want to take a course that might lead that way, so I was really inspired to find this quote on the site:

“What sets Think Sideways apart is that it gives the student tools to transform the process of writing from something mechanical into a true expression of heart and mind.

— Jane Kennedy

This as well as looking through other people’s opinions on the course has convinced me that it’s definitely the kind of course for me. I’ll be singing up and most likely using it to help me with the Sarcaia Trilogy as it’s been bashing its way into my mind again recently. I’ll let you know how I get on with it, but wont start it until I’m finished with the Horse Story. Speaking of which, here’s what I’ve done today:

Today’s Words: 575

Progress: Chapter Four, Scene One completed. Planning for the next scene done. I also read through some of the hand written bits and the middle is getting clearer all the time. I have a lot of events to fit in though, poor MC’s a busy girl!

Inspiration: I went shopping (for cake – you can never have too much:D) and saw a bottle of wine with the same name as my MC’s new home, which made me smile. 🙂

Word Count:         

Getting there

September 3, 2009

637 words today, bringing my total to 16,941.

I went back to the middle today and after a moment or two of finding distractions I plunged in and got working. I’m quite happy with the scene I got out and have a good once ready to get stuck into tomorrow.

Off to bed now as pesky kittie decided to wake me up at 4.30 and then every 10 minutes onwards… cute, but annoying! I might read through some hand written notes I found for the story in bed if I can keep my eyes open, but the way I feel at the moment it’s not looking likely.

I’m looking for a new method of planning for my next story as my current method is haphazard to say the least. I’ve been finding the planned scenes so much easier and more enjoyable to write and I don’t want to meet this kind of fuzzy middle again if I can help it. I’ll have a look at a few techniques over the next few days and see if any methods take my fancy.

Happy writing!

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Working Backwards

September 2, 2009

As my middle is still causing me problems (not my actual middle – the cake hasn’t caught up with me yet!) I decided to work from the final scene backwards in the hope that it would inspire the right path to get there.

I wrote the climax scene today and it was a really fun scene to write. I played a few tricks on my MC too, which is always fun! The end of lunchtime came too soon, as always, but I’m looking forward to getting stuck in again tomorrow. 🙂

Words for today: 812

Total Words: 16,304

Word Count: